At the helm of our operation is head chef and owner Shane Ryan. Shane uses his 24+ years of culinary experience to combine French, Italian and American styles of cooking that are infused with smokey flavours, adding a new layer of excellence to these classic modes of cooking. From a very young age Shane has had the privilege of working at several landmark restaurants in the beaches, where he fell in love with the ambience and culture The Beaches neighborhood provides. As time grew, Shane knew that he wanted his own restaurant to be situated here in The Beaches.  In 2011, Breakwall was born. Here Shane built a team of servers and experienced chefs that has stuck together and grown as a family – a testament to the fact that once you come to Breakwall, you can’t help but stay. At the forefront of this team, is our general manager Virginia Mcintosh, who ensures all our staff holds true to our exceptionally high standard of service and customer satisfaction.